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Learning Circles – Groups & Circles

Utilizing the Powered Learning discussion forums, student network via our various initiatives:

The Student Inquiry and Research (SIR) Program serves as a model learning environment that provides a framework for students to conduct original investigations on compelling questions of interest, collaborate with other students’ on-campus or off-campus, and to share their investigation results through public presentation and publication. The nature of the investigation will be a project based approach. SIR is an extension of the math and science course that extends for the entire academic year. This program will also offer summer investigation course curriculum, depending on the nature of the topic, course and requirement.

The Total Applied Learning for Entrepreneurs (TALENT) Program servers as a model where - Student learning in this program will focus on entrepreneurship and technologies that would benefit mathematics and science businesses. Student can discuss assigned projects from their curriculum regularly. Students can work as a team or individually from across this online network. This can be an extension of the SIR Program as well. The goal is to create purposeful learning and an experiential learning where students can relate what they read in the text books with the real world.

The Study Buddies program helps students collaborate and work together to learn basic skills using our groups and circles forums.

The Global Center supports International interaction for students – distance learning, online guest lectures by reputed personalities, student-to-student interaction from different parts of the world, International Learning Circles, Mentoring programs, educational trips, study abroad programs, etc.