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Eggog Portal – Undergraduate Core Content for USA

online B2C and B2B multimedia content for core course at the Undergraduate level. Eggog is a holistic technology enabled teaching and learning solution. This approach is based on – Cognitive Learning Skills and Project based Learning designed around think and learn framework.

The Think-and-Learn system provides for progressive development of critical, creative, scientific, and organizational thinking skills and systems. It also develops problem solving and decision making skills.


The primary modules include interactive educational multimedia digital content modules organized by course. These modules are designed to help students learn the core curriculum material required for the specific course. These modules tie to the Think-and-Learn modules, helping students to explicitly understand the thinking skills used for the various activities.

Digital Library content with interactive features like – Concept maps, Mind maps, Topical dictionaries, Assessment modules, Activity based printable Workbooks, Interactive Games that provoke a spirit of enquiry and fun. The Central Purpose of the topic with Learning outcomes and Points to remember for each topic are available to provide necessary background material for any course.