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Powered Labs – CAL (Computer Aided Learning)

All the modern Pedagogies stress the need for activity based approach to education. Rote learning kills a child's creativity and lays undue emphasis on grades. Activity based learning, on the other hand, helps children connect their learning to real life and encourages them to innovate. In the end, it is only creativity that leads to path breaking discoveries and inventions in the world. Activity based learning, therefore, holds the key to better and more relevant education.

The powered learning CAL module is build with multimedia based projects and challenging activities for the child to discover and innovate.

We have designed the Lesson Plans build on

The Powered Learning (CAL) module is inbuilt with advanced learning management engine software which Engages, Inspires and Challenges the Child. The CAL module coaches the child to develop his concept from the basic level to the innovation level, step by step.

The CAL module includes
  • Multimedia lessons
  • Concept maps
  • Points to remember
  • Concept Projects
  • Concept/Thinking/Discovering/Innovating level
  • Virtual math lab
  • Science lab
  • language lab
  • Educational Games

Success in the future will be based not on how much we know, but on our ability to think and act creatively

  • Creative opportunities for personalised learning, rather than just a textbook function
  • Remembering – Ability to retain/recall reproduce and recognize material
  • Understanding Ability to use current material in different situations
  • Meaningful learning rather than rote learning
  • Self passed learning to meet the continuous learning needs
  • Confidence Building – enhances interest in learners and improves participation
  • Develops innovation and thinking skills
  • Promotes cause and effect thinking

For schools a server with interactive courseware connected to 10 computers with LAN

  • Syllabus compliant multimedia content
  • Assessment modules for quizzes and exams
  • Workbooks
  • Virtual labs
  • Home Review
  • Self Study content CDs and resources
  • Subject specific tutoring
  • Social networking via learning circles
  • Access to Learn Web
  • Enables schools to optimize their Computer Lab Usage.