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Soft Coach – Powered IT Program

We found it's not just access to technology that is important in developing a child in a digitally-inclusive world. Of even greater importance is the acquisition of "digital literacy" -the Knowledge and skills necessary to use these technologies and the ability to adapt to the rapid pace of their change is the hallmark of their ongoing development. Keeping these factors in mind we have designed a unique IT curriculum that develops the 21st century skills in a child.

Teaching computer science to school students doesn't necessarily mean each child has to be transformed into a programmer before he or she can earn a diploma. In many cases, computer science education means learning to think and solve problems in a new way.

The Softcoach Curriculum exposes students to wide plethora of global applications and also develop the 21st century skills such as Creativity and Innovation, Critical thinking and Problem solving, Communication and Collaboration, Initiative and Self-Direction, Leadership and Responsibility


  • Global Software curriculum with approach towards developing 21st century skills
  • The Curriculum develops technology fluency in students
  • The software tools develop thinking ability in the students
  • Dynamic environment where students can follow their work at their own pace
  • Managed and Monitored Computer lab
  • Project based and discovery based learning environment
  • Measurable Learning outcomes