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Powered Class – CAT (Computer Aided Teaching) (a la smart class)

Powered Class

is a holistic technology enabled teaching and learning solution. This approach is based on – Cognitive Learning Skills and Project based Learning designed around think and learn framework. The Think-and-Learn system provides for progressive development of critical, creative, scientific, and organizational thinking skills and systems. It also develops problem solving and decision making skills.

The Powered Learning CAT module empowers the teacher with digital tools to present his or her lessons creatively. CAT module has multimedia 2D/3D lessons mapped to the SSC/CBSE/ICSE curriculum.

Using the digital tools teachers can create her own content and add to her lessons. Other resources like audio, videos and media files can be added to the lessons.

Interactive boards, projectors and smart boards can be used to present the lessons in the class room.

Powered Learning CAT module is a modern teaching aid for the teachers. Using it teachers can engage children with visual, audible and kinesthetic learning.


  • Empowers the teacher with digital tools
  • Teachers get to use multiple resources in the classroom
  • Flexibility for the teacher to use the content as per his/her need
  • Engages children with visual, audible and kinesthetic learning

Powered Learning is an efficient way to learn. Our audio-visual content provides students with a simple and effective way to comprehend core subjects like Maths, Science and English.

  • Multimedia Courseware - Seeing and listening are better than just listening. Engages Children with visual, audible and kinesthetic learning.
  • Ability to use and grasp complex concepts in different situations in an engaging and illuminating experience.
  • Video on demand improves achievement levels – freedom to revise multiple times and reinforcement practice to resolve weakness
  • Confidence building through comprehensive curriculum based 2-D/3-D multimedia courseware, self assessment exercises, quizzes, interactive games, subject specific dictionaries, and more.
Learning Outcomes
  • Remembering - Ability to retain/recall/reproduce and recognize material
  • Understanding – Ability to use current material in different situations.
  • Meaningful learning rather than rote learning.
  • Self paced learning courses to meet the continuous learning needs.
  • Confidence Building – enhances interest in learners and improves participation.

Hardware/Key features

  • Class Cart
  • Projector
  • CPU
  • Universal Presenter Mouse
  • Writing Tablet
  • UPS
  • Speakers
  • Content
  • Courseware
  • Teaching material
  • Curriculum
  • Syllabus mapped Multimedia content
  • Learning objects in 2D/3D animations
  • Customized Lesson Plans
  • Dedicated support
  • Professional development opportunities

Empowers teachers and makes teaching easy and effective.